RITA Award

Awarded by the Romance Writers of America for the best romance fiction of the year.
Claim Me
Book - 2013 Winner, Erotic Romance, 2014
Nominees: J. Kenner
FIC KENN and more…
Available in some locations
Crazy Thing Called Love
Book - 2013 Winner, Contemporary Romance, 2014
Nominees: Mollly O'Keefe
Available in some locations
Five Days in Skye
Book - 2013 Winner, Inspirational Romance, 2014
Nominees: Carla Laureano
Available in some locations
No Good Duke Goes Unpunished
eBook - 2013 Winner, Historical Romance, 2014
Nominees: Sarah MacLean
Off the Edge
Off the Edge
Off the Edge
Book Winner, Romantic Suspense, 2014
Nominees: Carolyn Crane
Take Me, Cowboy
eBook - 2013 Winner, Romance Novella, 2014
Nominees: Jane Porter
The Firebird
Book - 2013 Winner, Paranormal Romance, 2014
Nominees: Susanna Kearsley
FIC KEAR and more…
Available in some locations
The Sweet Spot
Book - 2013 Winner, 1st Book, 2014
Nominees: Laura Drake
FIC DRAK and more…
Available in some locations
Why Resist a Rebel?
eBook - 2013 Winner, Short Contemporary Romance, 2014
Nominees: Leah Ashton
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