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Mar 11, 2018

Themes- violence , intellect , civilized discussion, parental examples, youth, marriage

Funny - satirical
play like setting, one room, 4 adults demonstrating all that is wrong with humanity
Sarcasm, greed, mixed up priorities, bad marriages producing offspring, lies, deciet, fake behavior... chasing money, unfulfilled dreams

As the layers of civilized fake politeness come off, each characters true personality emerge.
The insecurities, repressed anger, priorities, jealousy, spousal hostility, lack of honesty, social class stereotypes, etc..

Fun satiracle study of human behavior in a pressure cooker setting...

Excellent writing, fast paced witty believable dialouge

Dec 25, 2017

I can’t stand Roman Polanski. But I saw CARNAGE at the Unicorn Theatre and loved it. Great dialogue, well defined characters and their idiosyncrasy and all their quirky personalities. Don’t ever have just one child because you won’t have anything else to worry about.
Another example of helicopter parents dictating, controlling, and manipulating their child’s life so it can be “perfect” and stress free. I have see this film 3-4 times, and will watch it again.

Jul 21, 2017

Has the atmosphere/feel of a theatre play (which it's based on). Great performances by a strong cast. Carnage is kinda like an "adult" version of Lord of the Flys...good intentioned meeting between a pair of parents of two teens who had a fight devolves into suspenseful chaos over the course of a just a few hours. If you like dialogue based theatre, you will probably like Carnage. If action flicks are your thing, this flick ain't for you.

May 28, 2016

Oh my God! It's about 2 couple arguing....JUST AWFUL... had to give up midway.

Dec 05, 2015

Pretty good film for a play based one, I just wished she puked on the cell phone at the end, at least that's how I would have done it!

May 13, 2015

Four great actors could not save this terrible script. I didn't believe for a second that these people would stay in the same room and continue so long with their witless and empty bickering.

Feb 26, 2015

An adaptation of the stage play "God of Carnage," this is 4 actors in a room. That's it. However, it keeps you watching just for the pure delight of the dialogue. It is superbly written, and the performances are outstanding. It is essentially a movie about what distinguishes men from beasts, adults from children, and how tenuous those distinctions are. A great film.

Mar 19, 2014

Excellent film for all helicopters parents to watch, and maybe rethink their basic child rearing plan?

Jan 01, 2014

What great acting! Lots of different stories going on; and not a bad acting scene in the entire movie. No matter what you think of Roman Polanski, or his sex life, the dude can direct and keep actors on line, witness one of the best movies of the 70s, Chinatown. Underrated flick.

lasertravis Dec 28, 2013

Dull and overwrought talkfest never comes into it's own even with a star cast. Some funny lines, but not worth it.

Oct 07, 2013

Great acting. Why do great actors make stupid movies? There are so many stories out there and they would rather make a movie that belongs on stage and remains on stage. Too many movies that are not worth putting in the DVD machine. Oh, well!!!

dgr Sep 12, 2013

The casting of this film was excellent, everyone very believable in their appointed parts.
Lot of issues here but that "conflict is everywhere" was well-presented. Not the Smiths versus the Jones but everyone against everyone else, ultimately.
Lots of real messages re: love, family, technology, gender presented.
I kept expecting a twist, like a murder or an orgy but that didn't happen and the film ended somewhat unexpectedly.
The men were criticized for their attachments to their tech toys but the women weren't criticized for their attachment to their purses.
Quite realistically, the only adult violence presented was female against male and not the reverse.
Worth watching for some non-politically correct truths and performances but the end comes out of nowhere.
I have to applaud Jody Foster for playing such an irritating, unlikeable REAL character.

KateHillier Sep 03, 2013

I want to slap every single adult in this movie and that is probably the point. I can see how this would be a great play to watch and it certainly does well as a film. So painfully realistic too.

Aug 10, 2013

LOL!!! Two pairs of married couples met to discuss how to deal with their sons fight in the school yard. Soon, they went off topic taking aims at each other on all sorts of social issues like parenting, global citizenship, animal cruelty, marital baggage and business ethics.

madison382 Jul 30, 2013

I liked this movie, however it was a real carnage.

SpencerSpencer Jul 11, 2013

Holy smokes this was dull. Lots of complaining and nasty attitudes and not very funny. There are other movies to see before this one. With all the established names associated with the movie, I was surprised how uninterested I was and how long it seemed.

tturner0561 Jun 15, 2013

what happened, did the director lack vision? talk, talk, talk and mucho psycho babble about a disagreement with 2 teens.

May 11, 2013

I only lasted 30' with this. It's well acted, but watching these adults vie for control is too painful.

Apr 29, 2013

It says rated R because of language, but really it's because of theme and genre (no language in here not on broadcast tv except for 2 or 3 uses of the f-word). Definately for adults though, and a very biting commentary. If you liked The Boys in the Band, Six Degrees of Seperation, or Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe, you will like this and, more importantly, get this.
Recommended for ages 30+, anyone younger just would not get the point. Excellent performances and a biting screenplay.

Apr 16, 2013

This is one disappointing film from veteran director Roman Polanski. The talent from a cast of good actors was totally wasted. It is talk, talk and more talk, punctuated by repeated called to a mobile phone. I can see why so many viewers were annoyed.

Apr 12, 2013

Great actors. Terrible film. It was all lame dialogue. It all took place in an appartment and hallway.
The idea was good, the result was a huge flop.
A waste of time.

Mar 13, 2013

Turned it off after 20min. Felt claustrophobic watching this, and couldn't carry on.

Feb 15, 2013

79 minutes of moronic bickering. At around the one hour mark, Kate Winslet's character asks "What are we still doing in this house?" I was wondering that around the 10 or 20 minute mark when they decided to head back into the house after stepping out.
The only good thing about this movie was John C. Reilly.

Jan 17, 2013

The acting is wonderful, but truly, I found it incredibly difficult to suspend my disbelief and sink myself in the situation as presented. It may well work better as a play. As a movie, it failed, at least in getting me to accept that the one couple could have such trouble LEAVING! Hard to imagine the situation devolving like that, too. If you can believe it, it shows the disintegration well. I had a hard time buying into it.

Jan 04, 2013

I thought that the plot of the movie was good. How what starts out as a civil attempt to discuss an issue between tow parties can get out of control and hijacked by issues unrelated to the initial issue. I think that this plot is also an example of how couples frequently fight. They go from the main complaint to bringing up unrelated past issues until they are in a full-blown heated argument and end up worse off than when they sat down to calmly discuss an issue. But the movie went on foreeeeever.... I can't believe that it was only 80 minutes because it felt like at least 2 hours. I kept getting my hopes up when the one couple would start to leave only to disappoint me and stay. I think that this would have done better as a short film.

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