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Wires and Nerve

Wires and Nerve

Volume 1

Graphic Novel - 2017
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Feb 08, 2020

This just seems like fanservice, the story is lackluster, because the author focuses on saying "YASS the droid is QUEEN" and making sure to say that friendship is magic. Which is dumb for me.

Sep 27, 2019

I love revisiting Meyer's world of The Lunar Chronicles. After having read the four major novels (Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Winter) I was thrilled to see that the story continued in graphic novel form- an easy way to digest the story and see the characters that I've been reading about for so long. Most of them look the way I'd imagined them. They also act as expected, and as previously described in the novels. The art here is also beautiful and fits the story and the characters well. The plot is a little cliche and not very interesting, but we're here for the continuation of the relationships, after all, and I, personally, am not necessarily looking to invest myself in another huge, life-threatening plot involving Cinder, Scarlet, Iko, and all the rest. Speaking of the android, I felt as though there was way too much of her here, while other characters like Cress and Thorne barely got any page time at all. Yes, she's on the cover, yes, I understand it goes along with the title, but I'm not really as interested in her as I am the others. All in all, a cute, uplifting, refreshing read for those who have read the series and want to dive back into the Lunar Chronicles world.

JCLTiffanyR Jun 25, 2019

Wires and Nerve volume 2 is a great sequel to volume 1, bringing Iko's story to a satisfying conclusion. If you loved the Lunar Chronicles, but aren't necessarily a graphic novel fan, I highly recommend giving Wires and Nerve a chance! The graphics add an interesting dimension to the story and it's fun to reconnect with all your favorite characters from the series like Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Winter.

Apr 09, 2019

Me: Aghem, book three please? now?

JessicaGma Jan 30, 2019

Awesome - I liked the art which lent itself well to the story and it was nice to get caught up with the characters from the Lunar Chronicles. I'm now waiting for part 2...

Oct 15, 2018

I was very excited to dive back into the world of the Lunar Chronicles- to catch up with all of the characters and see what's been happening now that Levana is gone and Cinder is queen. I was disappointed in this graphic novel, for several reasons. The art isn't that great. The characters are depicted as angular, with lots of straight lines and elongated faces. They're all ridiculously thin, and not very attractive. Thorne, Kinney and Jacin all look the same, with very little differentiation. Also, there's not much color. It's all blue and white, which makes it difficult to read at times.
The story focuses on Iko rounding up the rest of the rogue wolves that were sent to Earth by Levana. The villain is basing his ire on a misunderstanding, which is not my favorite plot device. Thorne is now a one-dimensional character, and Cinder still has misgivings even after 7 months as queen. We hardly see any of Scarlet and Wolf, who are my favorites.
All in all, I'm glad this exists, but I was really hoping for more. I'll continue, but I won't be on the edge of my seat waiting for the next to be released.

It's a good book.
The problem I have with it is that Steele feels like that he was made in a melting pot and just given to us.
And I also pictured some of the characters differently.

Jul 25, 2018

IKO is back! In this sequel to Wires & Nerve, IKO's mission of hunting down Alpha Steele and his team of mutant wolf soldiers becomes more difficult when he threatens the one's she loves. But with a little help from the stubborn Liam Kinney, IKO faces her deepest fears and uncovers the mystery of her unusual programming. I really enjoyed this graphic novel. It had the satisfying conclusion that we wanted, thrilling action scenes, and a happy ending that gave me those nostalgic vibes. My favourite character by far has to be Liam Kinney, purely on his character development throughout the books. A quick read by far, but worth every page. 5 Stars
- @Ruby_Tuesday of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

JCLHebahA Apr 05, 2018

The Wires and Nerve graphic novels have been one of the most effective series sequels I've seen. Far more satisfying that the Stars Above short story collection, this duology does a nice job furthering the story and adventures of well-loved characters while advancing the story line of a new, yet familiar, main character to create something new. And what a fun character protagonist Iko is--she's warm, funny, and deeply loyal to her friends while still struggling with the existential plight of the self-aware android, not helped by humans who have a hard time seeing herself as anything other than a glorified robot. This installment had wonderful character development, tense moments of suspense, and delightful heist-like maneuvers on the part of our heroes. I enjoyed every moment of the ride.

Mar 14, 2018

Marissa Meyer has done it again!
Remember the guy who called Iko "That disturbing robot" ? You just can't hate that dude no matter how hard you try. I am pretty sure this takes place between the last "Stars Above" story and Winter. Sigh. I'm like 48th in line for volume 2. It's going to be a while...

Mar 03, 2018

Fabulous follow-up to Meyer's first graphic novel. Great to see appearances from all the characters in the Lunar Chronicles.

Feb 14, 2018

Love Marissa Meyer's Books

Feb 06, 2018

I just finished and it was a GREAT conclusion to the graphic novels.
I hope there are more Lunar Chronicles books in the future.
Plus when I heard this was ready at the library I screamed literately
not kidding ;)

rtalps Oct 10, 2017

For fans of Meyer's Cinder series, this graphic novel does not disappoint. I loved getting Aiko's perspective, and Meyer does a great job of fleshing out the thoughts and feelings of a character that has been with us since book one. This first volume ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger, so have volume two waiting close by!

sarahbru17 Jul 03, 2017

I read this so quickly, and it was over too soon. I'm so desperate for Volume 2 but I have to wait so long! I want to re-read already, and/or re-read the entire Lunar Chronicles series.
Iko is absolutely adorable. She was one of my favorites in the books, and I'm so glad she's getting the highlight of this one.
At first, I thought the simple drawing style/bluescale would be detrimental. I was disappointed when I first saw it because I was expecting a really detailed, colorful, glossy graphic novel. But not only did I get used to the art style, but came to really enjoy it. The characters are simple enough that you can almost fill in the details of how *exactly* they looked when you pictured them in the Lunar Chronicles.
Many ships were sailed.

LoganLib_Kirra Jun 20, 2017

Wires and Nerve is the beautiful graphic novel that carries on the story after the Lunar Chronicles series ended. This spin-off is perfect for fans of Cinder and the gang, but it is also just as entertaining for readers that haven't read the book series as everyone is well introduced in the first few pages. I really enjoyed this graphic novel with the funny, interesting story and the beautiful illustrations. Now I'm really looking forward to the second volume and I might even read the books too!

May 13, 2017

This is not my favorite style of graphic novel, but I was just happy to be back in the Lunar Chronicles world and back with some of my all-time favorite characters. The story was great too, and I'll definitely continue reading it, I just took off half a star for my personal preference of drawing style when reading a graphic novel. This was a little too 'cartoon-y' for me. I like more detail, especially when I have to wait a year between installments.

ArapahoeTiegan May 08, 2017

What happened to the crew after the series ended? Well, Wires and Nerve gives you an insight into how things are going and where everyone has ended up. I'm interested to see how this next chapter will unfold.

Chapel_Hill_MaiaJ Apr 19, 2017

I loved having another addition to the Lunar Chronicles, and I can't wait for volume two! Meyer does a wonderful job transitioning to the graphic format. The story flows naturally from frame to frame, never feeling disjointed as graphic novels sometimes do when the writer is new to the medium. Iko is a star and definitely deserves her own story, so I'm glad she finally got it!

Apr 10, 2017

I can't get enough of the Lunar Chronicles.
When I found out that Iko was getting her own book, I virtually screamed.
I loved having the appearances of the old gang, even if they weren't exactly all back together quite yet, and seeing them continuing their lives, following their plans and dreams, and being happy was just amazing.
I also love Iko. The sassy android with more feelings than some humans, she is the perfect spunky sidekick and hero anyone could ask for. Trying to do anything she can to help Cinder (sorry, Selene) smooth over still-remaining tensions between Luna and Earth, Iko takes upon herself the task of hunting down rogue wolf-hybrid packs set loose over Earth to take them back to Luna. She enjoys it, even if it is dangerous, because she has a new purpose.
When Iko gets injured and the Rampion comes to get her, happy reunions, disastrous ceremonies, and organized wold attacks ensue, all wrapped under Iko fighting for her recognition and for her right to feel the emotions she does.
Love this extra to the series. While the characters aren't totally how I imagined them to be, I got to give appreciation for a job well done

forbesrachel Mar 19, 2017

Wires and Nerve fills in the years between Cinder's coronation and the happily ever after of the Lunar Chronicle series. The first volume of this graphic novel does so, namely through the eyes of the affable android Iko. The decision to create a standalone side story featuring her, rather than doing an adaptation of the trilogy is much appreciated, for Iko was one of the most intriguing characters among a cast that was quite unique. Already, there are several instances in which her personality shines as she plays the part of a covert wolf "hunter" for Cinder. All the cast make appearances, and the perspective shifts at varying points to detail what is happening in the world, but it is Iko whom we finally get to learn more about. Like the main books, Wires and Nerve addresses some serious issues; the prejudice of the people of earth towards androids (and Iko with her "defective" personality chip) is at the root. But these topics are wrapped in plenty of action, romantic tension, and fun. Holgate's blue-toned illustrations are forthright and stylized in a way that is sure to appeal to the core fan base teens. Characters are depicted in a way that fits Meyer's descriptions, and action sequences are made of brief vignettes so that the focus remains on these individuals, especially their development and their relationships. Because of the central importance of "character", Wires and Nerve is best read after the original trilogy. While the story can be understood by itself, most of the significance of the group's actions and interactions would be lost without the background. Overall this is a very good start, and a must read for any who enjoyed the Lunar Chronicles books.

Mar 12, 2017

If you're a fan of Meyer's Cinder series, than its continuation in graphic format will certainly appeal. Especially since it features everyone's favourite, spunky android. LOVED!

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