Debunking 9/11 Myths

Debunking 9/11 Myths

Why Paranoid Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand up to the Facts

Book - 2006
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Conspiracy theories about Sept. 11, 2001 continue to spread. Now, in a meticulous, scientific and groundbreaking new book, Popular Mechanics puts these rumors to rest. The magazine's editors analyze the 20 most persistent claims underlying 9/11 conspiracy theories--and conclusively disprove each one. The result is a triumph of hard fact over conspiratorial fantasy.
Publisher: New York : Hearst Books, c2006.
ISBN: 9781588166357
Branch Call Number: 973.931 DE
Characteristics: xxi, 170 p. : col. ill. ; 21 cm.
Additional Contributors: Reagan, Brad
Dunbar, David 1953-

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Jan 19, 2016

I don't blame ebusebu4 for wanting to remain anonymous. A university prof spouting about Zionist Jewish conspiracies. What next? Bohemian Grove? Freemasons? How do you hide your aluminum foil hat while lecturing? Jeesh. I'm all for free speech and freedom of thought and wouldn't dream of having it taken from you but I thought your training would equip you with more critical thinking skills and logic.

Aug 31, 2015

The official story is utter nonsense.
Q: Why did Building 7, not hit by a plane, also collapsed straight down like the Twin Towers?
A: People at the highest levels arranged for 7, like the other buildings, to be very expertly rigged with high explosives.
WHO is yet to be discovered.
WHY is obvious in the history of Mother Earth since 9/11.

Aug 18, 2015

Weak and pathetic cover-up attempt of a terrible tragedy. It's disgusting that those responsible hide behind the weak arguments presented in these books. Paul1 and naturalist must be in on the joke, because that's what this book is, a joke that's full of hooey, not facts. This book is supposed to be "...hard fact over conspiratorial fantasy"? That's laughable!!!

Aug 14, 2015

Watch the video titled "9/11 - Blueprint For Truth" where a senior architect explains and illustrates the fact that the 3 buildings that allegedly collapsed because of structural faliure were in fact demolished professionally with thousands of explosive charges implante in them weeks ahead. "Conspiracy theories" are born from the fact that the official explanations lack logic, are contradictory to basic facts and entirely, totally false. For the collapse of the two towers I heard obviously hired persons forward two theories, which can't stand in any way : 1- the pancake collapse theory; 2- the "destroyed core columns" theory. The pancake theory is belied by the fact that in the ruins of the towers there were no core columns' remains standing up against the sky 300 metres high. They had been chopped up with thermite charges, as they do it in demolitions. The destroyed core columns theory is also false, because it says that the impact of the plane into the center of tower No.1 "destroyed" the 47 box-section, very strong steel columns and so the tower "remained as an empty carton box, which could not hold its weight. This is obviously false, because the 47 core columns were hit by the plane at a height of about 340 metres. Even if they were destroyed at that point, the 340 metres below were untouched by fire and mechanical damage, so they should have remained standing. Besides, their thickness gradually increased down toward ground level, to bear the weight of the tower. This theory considers the public dumb, unable to think logically. If you hit a steel rod at one end, it will not fall into pieces, isn't that obvious? The truth is the towers had been planted with explosive charges all over , and the core columns were chopped up to abt 6m long pieces with the explosives. So the "collapse" was prepared in advance with thousands of explosive charges, fired off in sequence with remote control. Read the books of Dr. Griffin to see the truth. The authors of this book were hired to sell us lies.

Jul 22, 2015

“How do we know that the Bush administration did not orchestrate 9-11? Because it worked.” Michael Shermer, published November 20, 2012

May 08, 2013

Again, another book long on misinformation and disinformation, and woefully short on actual facts: what were the backgrounds of the passengers aboard those four airliners (the definite homicide victims) that day? Why did only two of the four airliners appear on the FAA's commercial flight registry? What happened to the missing $2.3 trillion in DoD funds mentioned by the Pentagon's comptroller, on 9/10/01 - - and that very next morning an airliner crashes dead center into the Pentagon's west wall (we are certain of that due to an aerial photograph 24 hours later by commercial satellite which shows the obvious burn mark trails of that airliner), killing most the of the auditing team members which uncovered that missing $2.3 trillion in DoD funds (the DIA's Financial Management staff)? And was that connected to the valuation of global hedge funds going, within several months of 9/11, from $2 trillion to well over $4 trillion? What ever became of those 3,000 plus SEC investigations, whose original documents were filed in WTC Building 7? What was the significance of the Blackstone Group being the broker of the "fastest business deal in NYC's history": the transfer of the WTC from the Port Authority to Silverstein Properties and Australian company, Westfield, and that Blackstone Group was the mortgage holder of record on WTC Building 7, and that the Blackstone Group would be appointed the overseer of the capitve insurance fund for the victims' families of the WTC attack, worth $1 billion and which they structured like a hedge fund? And on and on . . .

Nov 26, 2011

"Debunking 9/11 Myths, Why Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand Up To The Facts" is an excellent examination of the evidence that refutes the ideas spouted by the so-called "Truther" movement (more accurately described as the anti-Truthers). The Popular Mechanics editors consulted a wide variety of experts in areas of aviation, building construction and demolition and communications for their views on the supposed theories that the U.S. government carried out the attacks. Some of the conspiracy theories are truly in the bizarro category ( ie, the cell-phone calls weren't made by the passengers on the hijackked airplanes, but were faked by an un-named government agency using voice modification technology-see pg.77). Especially good is the "Afterword- The Conspiracy Industry", with its sections on how the conspiracists attack anyone that looks at their theories and points out how the actual evidence refutes those arguements. Unfortunately this book is unlikely to change the mind of a "truther" (as pointed out in the Afterword "...conspiracists enjoy a worldview that is immune to refutation"), but for those who are thinking there might be something more that went on that day this book will demonstrate how wrong the conspiracy theories are.Some good compaions to this book are "Voodoo Histories" by David Aaronovitch and "Among the Truthers" by Jonathon Kay. (Too bad no one has done a DVD version of this book).


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