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I Hunt Killers

I Hunt Killers

Book - 2012
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Seventeen-year-old Jazz learned all about being a serial killer from his notorious "Dear Old Dad," but believes he has a conscience that will help fight his own urges and right some of his father's wrongs, so he secretly helps the police apprehend the town's newest murderer, "The Impressionist."
Publisher: New York :, Little, Brown,, 2012.
Edition: First edition.
ISBN: 9780316125840
Branch Call Number: Y FIC LYGA
Characteristics: 359 pages ; 22 cm


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JCLSteveC Apr 02, 2021

Great new take on a serial killer book.

Jul 29, 2020

Jazz is the son of one of the world’s deadliest serial killers, and he has seen his dad kill
several people firsthand. Jazz has seen the ins and outs of murders and knows everything about them there is to know. More and more dead bodies are being found because of a new serial killer, so Jazz decides to work with the police to prove he has nothing to do with the murders. But in the process of trying to bring this new killer to justice, Jazz could learn that he is more like hisdad than he thinks he is.

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga is a great mystery book for Young adults. The book has a
few gory scenes and swear words, but mature readers should be able to handle it. Barry Lyga hasa great storyline built in for the book. I was hooked as soon as I picked up this book. Overall, I highly recommend I Hunt Killers to readers over the age of twelve if they are looking for something to keep them wanting to turn the page.

Mar 08, 2019

Could not finish. I always power through to at least page 50 before determining if I can get through a book or not, which I did with this one. While I like the concept, 1. I feel it's been done much better in I Am Not A Serial Killer, and 2. I seriously could NOT connect with the main character. We are thrown right into his life, which is fine, but there are no feelings of connection or things I could relate to when it came to Jazz. Sadly, this meant I didn't care about him or his story enough to quit and pick up a different book, meaning this landed on my DNF shelf.

Apr 01, 2017

I love it! Totally worth reading, hold this book as soon as you can!

Nov 01, 2016

Too graphic to be young adult. The storyline is great, and the characters funny, but definitely put in the wrong section of the library.

Sep 16, 2016

My goodness this is fantastic. Lyga has a brilliant pacing that kept me on the edge for the entire book. I think the creepiest thing about this book is how easy Lyga describes prospecting as being. The examples that are provided are things that happen in daily life, things you rarely think about beyond the immediate moment. But anything dealing with sociopaths is inherently terrifying. Lyga does a remarkable job of describing the actions and behaviors of a sociopath, which makes the killers in the plot creepier. They could be real, and it is realistic that the process of choosing a victim and getting that victim where you want could be that easy. It's an uncomfortable thought that sociopaths are all around us, interacting with us, and we are none the wiser.

I adored Jazz as a character. I especially loved that Lyga was able to delve into the psychology of the character without dragging down the intensity or pacing of the book. Using snippets of Dear Old Dad was a powerful way to get the characters inner struggle to come across for the reader. I loved that the whole process wasn't simple and easy for Jazz. He struggled with whether he should be involved in the investigation, how he should interact with people around him, if Connie and Howie should be near him. He was compelled to find the Impressionist but questioned if he had the ability even though he was acutely well trained to get inside his head. It was realistic that he would struggle in the way that he did while still being warped from his childhood. It was also realistic that he used some of those skills to get his way....he is 17 after all.

Connie is a great, strong character. She isn't focused on a great deal, more in her interactions with Jazz. But she never comes across as a pointless character inserted into the book so there was a woman around. She was a ballast for Jazz to cling to, something to steady him as he deals with the turmoil.

Howie is a great friend for Jazz as well. I liked the character but was not overly upset when he was sidelined. He was a clear sidekick, there to assist Jazz when needed and provided some comic relief but was otherwise just there. He steadied Jazz as Connie did, but less effectively.

As for the plot, absolutely perfect. As stated the pacing was superb. There was never a point where I was bored or hoped the book would move on. This was one of those books that you don't want to finish because it is so good an engrossing. The Impressionist and Billy Dent are terrifying characters to center a chase around. They are unsaveable. And to have Jazz thrust into the position to hunting a killer mimicking his father was a great twist on the typical cop-hunting-killer theme.

And the ending!!! I really didn't predict who the killer was. I figured it was one of the obvious characters that Jazz suspects throughout the book, and in hindsight the reveal makes perfect sense, but I definitely didn't see it before it was revealed. And the setup for the next book was awesome. I am already looking forward to the next book and reassigning priority on the to-read shelf.

Dec 06, 2015

Interesting plot. A book that makes you think constantly while reading it.

Nov 17, 2015

Hands down one of the best YA suspenseful novels out there. I listened to the audiobooks, which were read fantastically well and had a great cadence to the words. Lyga's writing is lyrical and contains wonderful prose, despite the darkness of his words. A must read for anyone looking for a YA thriller or a dark novel.

Oh! Be prepared to binge read, as both this book and the next have cliff hanger endings. But all three books in the trilogy are published, so that shouldn't deter you!

Jul 20, 2015

Really good read. You can't stop after reading the first page. Amazing is the only word to describe this book.

Jun 25, 2015

I read this after I read The Astonishing Adventures Of Fanboy and Goth Girl, because I wanted to see what else he had to offer. To my great surprise, he switched gears in genres very well and this series was great. Jazz's thoughts weren't always calm and 'good', and that made him interesting. Considering his father is a serial killer, it's understandable, but it was almost refreshing in a way to have a main character who had to tell himself over and over people mattered. I'd definitely recommend this book and the other two, Game and Blood Of My Blood.

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Jan 18, 2020

pink_pony_992 thinks this title is suitable for 13 years and over

Nov 01, 2016

SeaN2772 thinks this title is suitable for 18 years and over

Sep 16, 2016

ADWithrow thinks this title is suitable for 14 years and over

yellow_butterfly_335 Jun 07, 2014

yellow_butterfly_335 thinks this title is suitable for 14 years and over

Courtney143 Oct 28, 2013

Courtney143 thinks this title is suitable for 13 years and over

Jun 10, 2013

HolleayExtraVowels thinks this title is suitable for All Ages

May 16, 2013

rem85 thinks this title is suitable for 16 years and over

zarig1 Dec 09, 2012

zarig1 thinks this title is suitable for 13 years and over

vitriolic7eyes May 18, 2012

vitriolic7eyes thinks this title is suitable for 17 years and over


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Sep 16, 2016

Sexual Content: Sex is mentioned however, there are no sex scenes and it is not described in length or detail. There are mentions of rape. Though, again not lengthy or detailed.

Sep 16, 2016

Violence: It's a book about hunting serial killers. There is violence.

Sep 16, 2016

Coarse Language: A touch of cursing in some places. Also, while not in depth there are descriptions of murders which can be uncomfortable to read.

vitriolic7eyes May 30, 2012

Coarse Language: It isn't over used but it's there, andthe language becomes mmore offensive in scenes with Jazz's dad. Just watch for that.

vitriolic7eyes May 30, 2012

Violence: There is a lot of violence in the book but it isn't depicted in a gory, or guts splayed everywhere way. It can become very dark though and the violence and its consequences are dwelt upon in detail.

vitriolic7eyes May 30, 2012

Other: There are mature themes throughout the book some discussed in ore detail than others. Be prepared, this book is dark.

vitriolic7eyes May 30, 2012

Sexual Content: No actual sexual scenes though there are sexual refrences.

vitriolic7eyes May 30, 2012

Frightening or Intense Scenes: Both and they become even more intense and dark the deeper you get into the book.


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LibraryK8 Apr 30, 2013

Some kids are identified by their parent's profession: the preacher's kid, the doctor's kid, the principal's kid, the mayor's kid. Jazz is defined by his father's profession: serial killer. Billy Dent is the most notorious super-serial, claiming 123 victims in his decades long spree. Worse than being the serial killer's kid was that every day was take-your-kid-to-work day for Billy. Jazz learned how to separate a hand from it's fingers, how to stalk a victim, and how to commit the perfect crime without getting caught. Billy was convinced that Jazz would be the first of a new breed of serial killer, more infamous than his father. But like (hopefully) all serial killers, Billy was caught. Not by the FBI, not by the state patrol, but by G. William, the sheriff of sleepy Lobo's Nod. Now Billy is serving a life sentence, and Jazz is living with his crazy grandma and trying to survive until he can get out of town and start his own life away from his father's reputation. Until a dead body is dumped in a field outside of town. Jazz is curious about the murder and after a second victim is found, Jazz realizes it is someone copycatting his father's work. Jazz is convinced that he is the only person who can help the police catch "the Impressionist" as he calls himself. But at what cost? As Jazz and his friends delve deeper into the mind of a serial killer, Jazz fights the hunting instincts his father imbued him with as a child.

Astudent10459 Oct 17, 2012

I'm not even going to create a summary of what happened in this book. All im going to ask is one question: What would you do if you were the son of the most PROLIFIC serial killer on earth and you were trying to help the police find a person who is a complete copycat of your father?


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