The Complete Eighth Season

DVD - 2013
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The Leviathan threat has ended but Dean's miraculous return from Purgatory unsettles his relationship with his brother, especially his friendship with fellow escapee and vampire Benny. Sam is haunted by his 'last-chance' romance with a woman where he finally found something of a normal life. Both Winchesters face shattering choices along with their best chance to strike a deathblow to evil. A Divine Tablet reveals the means to closing the Gates of Hell forever, but the cost may be cataclysmic to them and their angelic ally Castiel. Full of demons, witches, vampires, titans, a fairy, a hellhound, a golem and a toontown terror trip, season eight is Sam and Dean's more horrific journey yet.
Publisher: Burbank, CA :, Distributed by Warner Home Video,, 2013.
Edition: Widescreen version.
Branch Call Number: DVD TV SUP
Characteristics: 6 videodiscs (approximately 970 minutes) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
4 3/4 in.
laser optical, NTSC,rda
video file,DVD video,Region 1,rda


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Jun 26, 2016

Metatron: [wakes up with blurry vision of someone] I know you.
Naomi: We never officially met.
Metatron: [chuckles] Naomi.
Metatron: [he looks to the tray of instruments] Your reputation precedes you. The archangels...
Naomi: [finishing] wanted me to debrief you after God left.
Metatron: [chuckles] "Debrief" me. Is that what you call it?
Naomi: Well, how would you know? You ran before I had the chance. But... here we are. I just have one question before we begin: you had to know that we would *leap* at the chance to extract all of God's secrets from that head of yours, which is why I ask myself, "Why? Why did the Scribe suddenly come in from the shadows?" And what are you doing with Castiel?
Metatron: [pause] "Of the blessings set before you, make your choice and be content."
[Naomi looks askance]
Metatron: [contemptuous] Not a big reader, are we.
[Naomi activates the drill and menaces Metatron's eye with it]

Jun 26, 2016

Naomi: Let me see if I've interrupted the situation correctly. The Winchesters have freed an innocent from hell, to which you are wrongfully are trying to return.
Crowley: Siding with them, Naomi? You don't know those two. Before they're done, we'll both be locked away.
Naomi: I'm just hoping they lock you away, dear. The rest I'll figure out.
Crowley: Bureaucrat. You're fighting outside your weight class.
Naomi: Don't call me a bureaucrat.

Jun 26, 2016

Naomi: Where is the angel tablet, Castiel?
Castiel: In the words of a... good friend, bite me.
Naomi: Oh, we'll bite. Don't worry.

Jun 26, 2016

Dean Winchester: [He brought lunch for himself and Kevin] Look, man. Other guys, they got it easy. You know? It's all backyard barbeques and bowling teams. But, you and me, we gotta carry a little extra weight.
Kevin Tran: I can't take it.
Dean Winchester: [Sternly] Yes, you can. Hey. Look at me. Now this whole thing sucks. I know. But, you suck it up. And you push through because that's what we do. And when you get on board with that, the ride is a lot smoother.
Dean Winchester: French fry?
Kevin Tran: [Picks up a tray with fries, a drink and a pie] I'm gonna be in my room. Let me know when there's a good day.
Dean Winchester: [Watches Kevin leave, disappointed] That's my pie.

Jun 26, 2016

Dean Winchester: What are you doing?
Garth Fitzgerald IV: My job, hombre.
Dean Winchester: Your "job"?
Garth Fitzgerald IV: Yes.
Dean Winchester: And since when giving advice is your job?
Sam Winchester: Hold up. Are you the new Bobby?
Dean Winchester: You shut your mouth.
Garth Fitzgerald IV: Yes.
Dean Winchester: You shut your mouth.

Jun 26, 2016

Castiel: Well, I think we're clear for the moment. It does present a curious curl in the metaphysics, doesn't it? If you murder a monster in monster heaven, where does it go?
Benny: And this is the crazy aunt I want to take on the road?
Castiel: I am not your aunt.
Benny: What? Really?
Castiel: I have no possible relationship with your sibling offspring.
Benny: Now you're kidding me.
Dean Winchester: Oh, you two are killing me.

Jun 26, 2016

Benny: I lie. I don't get lied to.

Jun 26, 2016

Charlie Bradbury: I also found these series of books by Carver Edlund. Did those books really happen? Wow. That is some meta-madness. Thanks for saving the world and stuff. Sorry you have zero luck with the ladies.
Sam Winchester: Wha...
Sam Winchester: [to Dean] We need to find every single of those books and burn them.
Charlie Bradbury: They're online now, so good luck with that.

Dean Winchester: No brothers or sisters?
Charlie Bradbury: Actually, I have two. Their names are Xbox and PS3.

Dean Winchester: Charlie, why don't you go talk to the witnesses?
Charlie Bradbury: But I don't want to miss the broment.
Dean Winchester: Charlie!

Jun 26, 2016

Dean Winchester: [Reviewing Charlie's map in preparation for the battle of the Kingdom] You know if you move your archers back and your broad swordsmen to the west...
Charlie Bradbury: Oh. Flood the warriors.
Dean Winchester: Yep.
Charlie Bradbury: Good call.
Dean Winchester: Thanks.
Charlie Bradbury: What about the southern wall?
Sam Winchester: Guys!
Dean Winchester: Yeah. Right. Sorry.
[He quietly shifts a catapult to a different position on the map and he and Charlie exchange nods]

Jun 26, 2016

Dean Winchester: I notice a lot of these maidens checkin' you out.
Charlie Bradbury: What? I can't shut this down. It's good to be queen.


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Jun 26, 2016

Supernatural season 8 was another one of my favourite seasons because it was about Dean rising out of purgatory and trying to get Sam back in to doing what they do best being hunters. However Sam felt more comfortable living an apple life because he met a girl while Dean was in Purgatory which led Dean to be mad at Sam because he didn't go looking for him while he was still alive. In Dean's storyline he teams up with a Vampire named Benny with whom he met at Purgatory. Plus they also had an adventure with looking for the tablets however Sam takes the trials and ends up suffering the consequences with completing each one of them. It is battle with The Winchesters teaming with Castiel to battle with Crowley over the angel and demon tablets. Also battling about which side Kevin was going to be on due to him to being the prophet of the lord.

gando65 Jun 08, 2015

Missing Disk 1!!

Spazz May 03, 2014

What a waste of a season. The only thing I actually loved about this was the begining of the season with the Purgatory story line. Loved Benny. Love Dean and Cas. After that I honesty just wonder what the writers were thinking. The Sam and Amelia flashbacks were a total bore fest. kinda forced. A lot of things just didn't make any sense and I feel they could of done so much more. This season had so much potential but they seemed to have gotten lazy over the years. What I wouldn't give for season 1 through 5 writing again.

Oct 30, 2013

In the commentary on the DVD you can hear one of the stars Jensen, say in an interview that he wasn't really sure where the show was going with the angels and demons storylines. Sounds like he misses the first few years of the show which were about cars, girls, Baby, 70's rock music, and ghost stories. I miss it too and hope as the series winds down it will return to it's roots. Trying to save the world gets old fast on these types of shows.

Sep 30, 2013

The eighth season of Supernatural starts one year after Dean and Castiel were cast into Purgatory. During that time Sam met and fell in love with a veterinarian named Amelia. Dean manages to escape Purgatory with the help of a vampire named Benny. Sam and Dean reunite and hunt for the prophet Kevin. In the meantime Sam and Dean's grandfather Henry as well as a powerful demon named Abbaddon time travel to the present time. Henry does not survive but Sam and Dean learn about and locate a safe and secret sanctuary in Kansas that chronicles all of man's knowledge about supernaturals. Once Sam and Dean find Kevin they put him in a safe place and Kevin begins to decipher the demon tablet. Castiel is saved from Purgatory but he is under the control of a high ranking angel named Naomi. Eventually it is discovered there is an angel tablet that was also created by the word of God. Kevin finds out that to close the gates of Hell one must complete three trials. While Sam and Dean begin the trials they encounter a number of supernaturals including a golem, a fairy as well as various other demons and creatures. As the season ends Sam and Dean are about to complete the three trials when a plot against Heaven unfolds. The eighth season has a good blend of supernaturals, religion, drama and humor.


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