One Nation Under God
One Nation Under God How Corporate America Invented Christian America By Kruse, Kevin Michael Book - 2015

Kruse, a Princeton history professor, tells how the USA became a "Christian nation" as a Libertarian and conservative effort to curtail FDR's New Deal, cynically using religion to tout individualism as counterpoint to their perception of the New Deal's safety net features, including social security, unemployment compensation, etc as socialistic infringements on religious liberty. Kruse follows efforts to nationalize Christianity through Eisenhower's entry of "one nation under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance, and subsequent efforts by Richard Nixon to use religion - also completely cynically - to curry favor with evangelicals. Special attention is paid to conservative business and religious leaders such as BIlly Graham. Kruse's point is that we have only comparatively very recently become a "Christian Nation."

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