One Nation Under God
One Nation Under God How Corporate America Invented Christian America By Kruse, Kevin Michael Book - 2015

An excellent book and always follow the money: principal financial backer of Eisenhower's presidential campaign - - investor, Floyd Odlum. When Eisenhower sent the CIA to overthrow the Arbenz administration in Guatemala for United Fruit, the principal investor then in United Fruit - - Floyd Odlum. Principal investor in Hilton Hotels - - Floyd Odlum. Other backers of Eisenhower: the Rockefeller brothers, David and Nelson. When Eisenhower sent the CIA to overthrow the president of Iran, who benefitted - - the Rockefeller family. When Eisenhower sent the CIA in their failed attempt to overthrow Sukarno of Indonesia [where thousands died as a consequence], the chief beneficiaries would have been the oil companies, Stanvac and Caltex, owned by the Rockefeller family. [Trivia fact: the stepfather of President Barack Obama was an employee, later on, of Stanvac and Caltex - - and Mobil and Unocal - - small world, huh?]

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