Ultraman 1, This Is the Beginning of A New Age By Shimizu, Eiichi Graphic Novel - 2015

An intriguing series. Be forewarned, it is slightly graphic at times when humans are killed by aliens: not so much seeing guts and stuff, but rather the concepts of how they are being killed. The premise is that there are aliens on earth, and there was a hero named Ultraman (which was a real previous series by another author) who defeated invading aliens and sent off the rest (so we thought) away from earth. Turns out some friendlies and old acquantances stuck around, as well as some not so friendly aliens and some new ennemies. Now there are two new ultramen: one with similar abilities to the original, enhanced by a high-tech mechanical suit, the other by an ever-more advanced mechanized suit that gets tweeked all the time. So far, it is not a light-happy series with it's dark moments and moods, but judging by it's genre and it's predecessor, things will be viewed with an ever more positive, friendship-wins-all lense.

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