It’s always nice to see book-loving librarians as heroes, although their lives in this book are more like that of Noah Wyle and the staff of the television show, “The Librarians.” *The Invisible Library* is a fun first novel, with plenty of adventure. “The Invisible Library” itself is a repository of books that is outside of time of space, between “worlds.” It turns out that there are multiple versions of Earth where history has gone differently. In some worlds dragons rule and there is extreme order. Some are ruled by the Fae (think the Celtic version of Faery) and are filled with magical Chaos. Neither extreme is safe for humans, who require a balance. The Library is somehow connected with that balance and that means buying or stealing unique copies of books from each world that somehow helps to define that world.

This first adventure takes place mostly in a steampunk world, where an unusual copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales seems to hold a key to balance. Of course, other people are looking for it, too.

I thought the beginning was a bit too cute and seemed like a teen novel, but by a third of the way in I was hooked in an adult way. The characters are clever, the world inventive, and the pace becomes furious.

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