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The Magicians
The Magicians Season One DVD - 2016

Based on Lev Grossman's bestselling magical realism series, The Magicians follows Quentin Coldwater, a young man who is accepted to Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy to learn how to become a real life magician. When he and his school mates tamper with some serious magic beyond their comprehension, they unwillingly release an evil, parasitic force from a land thought to only belong in the fictional world of children's stories. The Magicians is like an intense, steroid-infused version of Harry Potter meets Narnia, except there is plenty of sex, violence, and blood. One of the things that makes this show so fantastic is how flawed and complex the characters are, as nobody is inherently good or evil. Rather, they make human mistakes and must deal with the often tragic repercussions. For those who like their character driven fantasy grounded in a gritty reality, you will become completely entranced The Magicians. I can't wait to see what SyFy has planned for Season 2.

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