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Wires And Nerve
Wires And Nerve Volume 2, Gone Rogue By Meyer, Marissa Graphic Novel - 2018

The Wires and Nerve graphic novels have been one of the most effective series sequels I've seen. Far more satisfying that the Stars Above short story collection, this duology does a nice job furthering the story and adventures of well-loved characters while advancing the story line of a new, yet familiar, main character to create something new. And what a fun character protagonist Iko is--she's warm, funny, and deeply loyal to her friends while still struggling with the existential plight of the self-aware android, not helped by humans who have a hard time seeing herself as anything other than a glorified robot. This installment had wonderful character development, tense moments of suspense, and delightful heist-like maneuvers on the part of our heroes. I enjoyed every moment of the ride.

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