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Wires And Nerve
Wires And Nerve Volume 2, Gone Rogue By Meyer, Marissa Graphic Novel - 2018

I love revisiting Meyer's world of The Lunar Chronicles. After having read the four major novels (Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Winter) I was thrilled to see that the story continued in graphic novel form- an easy way to digest the story and see the characters that I've been reading about for so long. Most of them look the way I'd imagined them. They also act as expected, and as previously described in the novels. The art here is also beautiful and fits the story and the characters well. The plot is a little cliche and not very interesting, but we're here for the continuation of the relationships, after all, and I, personally, am not necessarily looking to invest myself in another huge, life-threatening plot involving Cinder, Scarlet, Iko, and all the rest. Speaking of the android, I felt as though there was way too much of her here, while other characters like Cress and Thorne barely got any page time at all. Yes, she's on the cover, yes, I understand it goes along with the title, but I'm not really as interested in her as I am the others. All in all, a cute, uplifting, refreshing read for those who have read the series and want to dive back into the Lunar Chronicles world.

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