I can't get enough of the Lunar Chronicles.
When I found out that Iko was getting her own book, I virtually screamed.
I loved having the appearances of the old gang, even if they weren't exactly all back together quite yet, and seeing them continuing their lives, following their plans and dreams, and being happy was just amazing.
I also love Iko. The sassy android with more feelings than some humans, she is the perfect spunky sidekick and hero anyone could ask for. Trying to do anything she can to help Cinder (sorry, Selene) smooth over still-remaining tensions between Luna and Earth, Iko takes upon herself the task of hunting down rogue wolf-hybrid packs set loose over Earth to take them back to Luna. She enjoys it, even if it is dangerous, because she has a new purpose.
When Iko gets injured and the Rampion comes to get her, happy reunions, disastrous ceremonies, and organized wold attacks ensue, all wrapped under Iko fighting for her recognition and for her right to feel the emotions she does.
Love this extra to the series. While the characters aren't totally how I imagined them to be, I got to give appreciation for a job well done

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