After being exiled from Wonderland thanks to her father, the King, Dinah’s rage grows stronger by each day as she waits to see who would take her rightful place. As her fire continues growing, Sir Gorrann teaches her to survive and fight and for the first time, she has hope that she will be able to quench her thirst for revenge. As they march across Wonderland, barely dodging the King’s soldiers, Dinah is reunited with Cheshire, who claims he has valuable information about her and her mother. After they allied with the Yurkei warriors, Dinah must decide whether or not bringing justice to her family is worth the many lives that will be lost. This was a fast-paced adventure that kept me on my toes. It beautifully connected to the previous novel with even more twists than before. I also love how we got to see a spoiled princess turn into a lethal weapon fueled by rage. Rating: 5/5
@Iron_Rose of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board
This book got a lot better than the first one by a huge step. Usually, sequels aren't as good as the first books but clearly this is an exception. I found Dinah's struggles at the palace too microscopic for the Future Queen of Hearts, in all honesty. After being forced to escape the King (her father), who savagely murdered her brother and blamed it on her, Dinah's issues become visible on a larger scale as she now fights not only for her own future but for those around her as well. Truthfully I didn't really like Wardley until he let himself get stabbed for her in the second book, but the lack of him and their romance was enough to push me away and let me predict what they would end up as (together, or not). Excellent book! 5/5 stars
- @Siri of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

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