Venus in fur
Venus in fur La Vénus à la fourrure DVD - 2014 | French

omg! this 2013 film reminded me of "who's afraid of virginia woolf?" (1966, directed by mike nichols). the resemblance of the 2 films lies in the predominantly static "stage" setting, excellent acting & candid dialog. of course the subject matter & all the rest are vastly different between the two. who would imagine after 47 yrs, polanski would decide to make this type of film outside his film domains? i cannot believe that in the new millennium, a stage style film can still (or expected to) appeal to moviegoers!
honestly, like a new millennial (which i am not), i almost didn't have the patience & endurance to finish watching the film at halfway. but then the outstanding performance of the 2 only actors & the intrigue screenplay are captivating & addictive. also, i wanted to see how this film would end. yes, it might seem boring & w/o much "action" at times. but the continual development of relationship between the 2 characters, which in the end even reverses, can induce some deep thoughts especially in the context of unconventional sex habits. in a sense, i think this film finally exposes in detail the inner making of polanski, especially in the kind of troubles he had made in private life.

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