Tides The Science and Spirit of the Ocean By White, Jonathan Book - 2017

The author makes mis-statements. Perhaps one of the egregious that I noticed is on page 208, "Radio and television signals vibrate at 20,000-150,000 peaks or cycles, per second." In reality audio is usually thought of as being between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. The AM broadcast band is between 535,000 Hz and 1,605,000 Hz. The FM broadcast band covers 88,000,000 Hz to 108,000,000 Hz. The width of a television channel is 6,000,000 Hz. Most radio is between 10's of kHz and 10's of GHz (say 45,000,000,000 Hz).

With these kinds of errors what part of the text can be trusted? Was it text even edited or reviewed?

On the positive side, the book is well written and the author has some great personal stories.

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