“Boss Baby” is a very cute family-friendly comedy. It is about imaginative seven-year-old Tim Templeton who finds his share of parental love decreasing more and more by the day. Who is the culprit? It’s his new baby brother (Alec Baldwin) of course! There is something about this baby...maybe how he is always sporting a suit, tie and briefcase! The baby makes it clear that HE is in charge and Tim hates it. However, this baby is on a mission and Tim teams up with him for a crazy funny adventure. This movie is perfect for watching with your family and it will make you laugh out loud! I rate this movie 4/5, I would recommend. @curlyhairdontcare of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

This was really nice movie. It was really funny and it clearly shows the struggles of having a new baby brother or sister. The thing I liked most about the movie was the fact that there was a completely different world of babies. That was hilarious! In this movie, seven year old Tim finds out that he is getting a baby brother. What he didn't expect was the baby to come in a taxi with a suit on and with a briefcase in his hand! Soon, the baby explains where he comes from, why he is here, and what Tim can do to help him, and get rid of him for good, so that Tim can happily live with his mom and dad as a family of three once again. Tim agrees to help the adorable baby. My favourite part in the movie is the beginning, when it shows how babies come into the world. The fictional process was very fun to watch. It also shows how ticklish kids enter into a world with a loving family, whereas non ticklish babies work in a place called "Baby Corp". The story was unique and was pretty interesting and funny. The only parts I found boring were when Tim starts imagining random things. Those parts didn't really go well with the story. Apart from that, I really enjoyed watching this movie and I would definitely recommend watching this movie. Rating- 4/5 @Vanilla of the Teen Review Board at Hamilton Public Library

Boss Baby by Marla Frazee is a very enjoyable movie. The best part about the movie is that it is suitable for anyone to watch. This movie brings back so many memories from my childhood, making most of the movie very relatable. This is a very clever movie due to the enormous amount of imagination and creativity put into the context. I also adore how they managed to put in various important lessons in such an entertaining way. The most obvious lesson is probably how you can accomplish so many things with teamwork, but the main one is the importance of family. Boss Baby is a funny movie and has an impressive twist to it. Rating: 4/5 @TheBookieReadingMonster of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

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