“I wanted to push against the world and feel it push back.”

All her life, Kamzin has dreamed of getting away from her tiny village, fed on tales of the Emperor’s royal explorers and their expeditions through the treacherous mountains that surround her home. But when River Shara, an explorer with an almost legendary status, invites her to accompany him on the trek up to Mount Raksha, the highest of the surrounding mountains, she is quick to accept. Along with her new companions—and her trusty familiar, Ragtooth the fox—they begin the perilous journey, but they soon realize that its purpose may be shrouded in as much mystery as the mountain itself.

Inspired by the first expeditions to Mount Everest, “Even the Darkest Stars” is a truly unique piece of YA fantasy. With lush writing and a plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this novel is the perfect pick for fans of both traditional fantasy and adventure/survival fiction.

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