This book is a thoughtful study of the advantages we are born with, the choices we make and the consequences. The Richardson family lives a very comfortable suburban life in Shaker Heights. Mrs. Richardson has a small rental property that she rents to those she deems worthy of her charity. Her fortunate recipients are Mia and Pearl Warren an artist and her teenage daughter. The novel begins with a shocking event and then proceeds to explain the back story and all becomes clear like a negative developing in a darkroom.

While reading this book I found myself examining my own attitudes toward those who have lived different lives and/or made other choices than I have. Mrs. Richardson seems to have it all together, but we see her philanthropy deteriorate into a balance sheet of what others owe her for all her "help." This book hits all the buttons: parenting, sibling relationships, suburban attitudes, racism, sexism, teenage pregnancy, and more.

I recommend this book to mothers and daughters everywhere.

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