Isolde Oberreiter (Auntie Poldi), Bavarian born and at the age of sixty years, decides to retire to Sicily where she plans on drinking herself to death! Of course nothing ever turns out as one thinks it will, and thankfully that’s the case with Auntie Poldi. When she realizes that her handyman, Valentino, has gone missing, she begins an investigation into his movements and soon finds his murdered body on the beach. Auntie Poldi decides to investigate further – to find Valentino’s murderer. After all, she comes by her deductive abilities honestly as her father had been a detective chief inspector of homicide in Augsburg.

Theft, corruption, and blackmail can soon be added to murder as Poldi gathers the clues while falling “big time” for detective chief inspector Vito Montana, who is in charge of the case. As she attempts to keep her lust in check and her drinking to a minimum, Poldi forges ahead with her investigation, much to Montana’s annoyance.

What a refreshing new character Poldi is and she’s brought to life beautifully in this excellent translation from the German by John Brownjohn. I anxiously await to read about her further escapades in Auntie Poldi and the Vineyards of Etna – out in Spring 2019.

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