An exceptionally well-done dramatic biblical novel, A Light on the Hill is the first in a series that places characters in a Biblical landscape that many of us feel uncomfortable remembering. After the Exodus, the Jewish people crossed the Jordan river and entered into the promise land… a promised land filled with idol-worshipers and enemies. Most of the citizens were slain by the Jews, something that is hard to comprehend as we look back in the Bible. Cossette, however, approaches the context with wisdom and insight. The customs and actions of the times, while no less difficult to read about, are written of in a way that helps readers understand some of the motivations of the Israelites - and the conflict that many Israelites may have felt themselves.
Moriyah, a young woman marred by a horrific past, flees from her home and family to seek safety in the walls of a nearby city of refuge: a city where, by Jewish law, criminals can remain safe until the time of the trial. But with her pursuers close behind, enemies all around, and unexpected complications, will Moriyah survive long enough to plead for justice?
A wonderfully written, historically fascinating, powerful story of love, forgiveness, and the mistakes that haunt us, A Light on the Hill is the Biblical fiction book everyone should read.

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