Breaking and Entering
Breaking and Entering The Extraordinary Story of A Hacker Called "Alien" By Smith, Jeremy N. Book - 2019

Rated Bogus-----Bogus-----Bogus-----Bogus
[UPDATE: The author and so-called hacker, Alien, were recently featured on the Dave Ross Show {KIRO -- Seattle, WA} where he was definitely punked: Alien claiming we should all use encrypted email. The one certain takeaway from Mueller's investigation into Russia and Trump's people was the fellow who encrypted all his emails, and the feds still could read it. As Edward Snowden's leaks demonstrated, when data taps are done at the compiler or machine language level, encryption is essentially useless. Any real hacker would or should know this by now, but a member of the FBI's snitch program, like Alien, wouldn't or couldn't explain this?!]
To use the word // extraordinary \\ in the subtitle is revolting - - to any reader with even a smattering of tech experience - - this book will be revolting!
Ultra-lame book - - ultra-lame author - - totally bogus!
The fact this book got published is an indictment of the publishing industry and lack of real editors in it today!
Absolute shame on and of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Puerile reminiscences of a submediocre coder. Suffice to say I could relate my own experiences on the abysmal performances of MIT grads and engineers in the tech world: the time I solved a hardware problem in under 5 minutes, which a group of MIT-trained engineers had been dealing with forever - - and who assumed it to be a software problem || the time another group suggested I set aside 3 to 6 months to solve an actual software problem they'd encountered, which required only several hours of my time! I recall reading a book back in the 1990s about an MIT grad student in mechanical engineering who not only did not understand the internal combustion engine, but had no idea the purpose of the spark plug in it.
This book reads like a cavalcade of 10-year-olds, each proclaiming how more special they are!
And to this author: Dude! Seventy million is nothing! The public and private sectors of North America have experienced OVER 4 billion hacks since 2010 - - catch a clue!
[Oh yeah . . . and on that // storied \\ Los Alamos - - I recall a tech call from a sysadmin there who encountered a // problem \\ during a network install of Win95 - - I was a contractor @ Micro$oft at the time - - and I had to slowly and tactfully explain that computers and networks ran on ELECTRICITY - - no electricity, no go!
Holy Mother of God! ! ! What idiots hire those idiots?]
After reading this book I declare that this author has zero validity and I challenge anyone to dispute this!

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