Republic of Lies
Republic of Lies American Conspiracy Theorists and Their Surprising Rise to Power By Merlan, Anna Book - 2019

Extravagant claims require extravagant evidence and sources - - ergo, this book is rated Epic Fail! [This book reads remarkably similar to a book written some years back by Canadian far right winger, Jonathan Kay.]
Where to begin? First, the valley girl-sounding simpleton author [just heard her on a radio interview] employs the standard disinformation tactic of painting all skeptics as one: suggesting all are the same as whackos like Alex Jones and the Birthers!
Next, the author claims that only "official journalists" should be listened to?!
Like all those "official journalists" who wrote planted stories on Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq??? Like all those "official journalists" over the decades who repeated fantasy stories of lemmings running, en masse, over cliffs to their deaths; the 13th monkey, or that all humans are 6 degrees of separation from one another? [Has any official journalist ever passed a math course???]
Some public facts avoided by all those "official journalists":
FACT: A declassified CIA document detailed a meeting between CIA agents and assassin, Jean Rene Souetre, in Lisbon 6 months prior to the assassination of President Kennedy.
FACT: A declassified CIA document [#632-796] detailed that INS agent, Virgil Bailey, picked up Jean Rene Souetre, temporarily held in a Dallas jail for deportation, 18 hours after President Kennedy was murdered in Dallas!
FACT: A declassified document from the HSCA detailed that their request to NSA for the 1963 files for NSA-designated site, USA-55, was denied as all the 1963 files had disappeared!
FACT: In the recently released 2018 declassified documents were items about USAF Sgt. David Christensen, alleged to have overheard plans to assassinate the US president in Dallas - - this occurred on a voice link between Lisbon and Tangiers. This event happened while Sgt. Christensen was stationed at NSA-designated site, USA-55 - - whose intercepts all went missing, most conveniently, from the NSA!
Now why haven't any of those "official journalists" reported this? ? ?
Because a Republic of Lies can only exist with the active support of a Media of Lies!
Any real journalist, in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008, should have been able to find the connections between the Markit Group, the InterContinental Exchange, MERS and Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Bank of America - - but none of them did! ! !
It would require thousands of pages to list all the failings of official journalists, incapable of the simplest of research and investigative skills!

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