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I thought the world building in this was amazing. The questions asked about what makes us human, and what is unforgivable were very thought provoking. That being said (SLIGHTISH SPOILERS AHEAD), the way rape and rape culture was dealt with especially in the above questions were…almost unforgiveable. While I applaud Aguirre for trying to question how much Stalker was at fault, his transgressions were too easily forgiven, and more appallingly, Deuce originally sees the victim at fault. The way women are dealt with outside of Deuce in the last two cultures we encounter are….horrifying and frustrating respectively. (END SLIGHTISH SPOILERS)

I enjoyed the books, particularly for the outstanding world building, but the action and adventure aspects were excellent as well. If my above statements about women sound like you wouldn’t be able to get beyond these scenarios, then this series is not one for you.

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