Satantango DVD - 2006 | Hungarian

For many, the idea of watching a 7 hour film with minimal changes in camera placement is a daunting exercise. I first saw it in the late 90's in a theater in one go. Taking it more leisurely - say one third a viewing - was much more satisfying (and easier to do.)
This is Tarr's masterpiece - similar (but more satisfying) than his other collaborations with Laszlo Kraznahorkai (Damnation, Werkmeister Harmonies, Turin Horse.)
The style is a "miserable fecklessness" that plays on the premise "the best you can hope from life is to muddle through" - and they don't even come close.
If you live in a Strata (age-related) or a co-operative housing complex - you will recognize the characters - the ones who hope to survive and the others that prey on them.
There are many scenes of people walking down muddy roads in a mostly flat and barren setting. The most memorable one is following the predators down a forsaken village street with wind blowing garbage behind them.

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