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Alpha_0001 made a comment Aug 21 2019
"In Chicago, Harry Dresden, the only wizard assigned in the vast city has been dragged into a very ghastly series of crimes. His friend Thomas of the White Court uses a favor and asks Harry to investigate two murders. Murders that came from extreme..." Permalink
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Aug 06 2019
"Captivating worldbuilding with steampunk style. The story is epic in proportion with characters you love and hate as well as those you don't know what to think of. London is a predator city and Tom finds himself questioning his loyalty to his home..." Permalink
Alpha_0001 made a comment Aug 06 2019
"This is a very good adventure book. Very interesting since the concept of cities on wheels is difficult to fathom. Tom Natsworthy's life is a very dull one until someone does the unthinkable, attempt to murder kind old Valentine. I really like how..." Permalink
Alpha_0001 made a comment Aug 03 2019
"Black Out is a fantastic novel about two teenagers caught in a struggle of chaos and order. The new virus that has been introduced into society has caused ramifications for those trying to live an already hard life, such as Aubrey and Jack. Every ..." Permalink
Alpha_0001 made a comment Jul 28 2019
"Some myths are not to be believed but in the world of Harry Dresden, some hold a dark truth. Dresden, the only wizard operating in Chicago slowly but surely discovers that a band of people with the power of destructive magic is assassinating certa..." Permalink
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