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DVD - 2007
Jenna, a waitress at a small-town cafe, has a gift for making great pies. Seeking to make a better life for herself, she decides to compete for a $25,000 baking prize. An obnoxious husband, a potential pregnancy, and a handsome stranger provide...
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A Quiet Passion

DVD - 2017
The story of poet Emily Dickinson, whose genius, wit, intellectual independence, and pathos only came to be recognized after her death.
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John James Audubon

DVD - 2016
John James Audubon's story is dramatic and surprising. He was not born in America, but saw more of the North American continent than virtually anyone alive. His growing apprehension about the destruction of nature became his prophecy. As an artist...
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The Crucible

Blu-ray Disc -
"A story of how ignorance, fear, and petty squabbles can escalate into mass hysteria, and how logic can be so easily trumped by confirmation bias. Arthur Miller's original play was based, in part, on transcripts from the Salem court proceedings. It..." Permalink
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Destination Wedding

DVD - 2018
"Better than I'd expected. I always find Keanu difficult to watch, but his wooden style of acting fits the character in this film, somewhat. Winona Ryder is outstanding. There are a few scene changes, but the entire film is one long verbal sparring..." Permalink
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