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sfmikebolger rated a title Jan 17 2019
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sfmikebolger made a comment Jan 17 2019
"A labor of love and a scrapbook collecting a lifetime of pranks, stories, apologies, and very unique accomplishments. Written for the twitter generation with very short, easy to digest chapters. I really like how it’s written; with Mike or Adam wr..." Permalink
sfmikebolger added a title to their For later shelf Nov 30 2018
"The Regeneratin' Degenerate and his old pal Weasel are back, and they're imposing their special brand of justice on any other killers for hire who don't live up to their moral code -starting with a dangerous operation that'll take Deadpool into...
sfmikebolger made a comment Dec 05 2016
"What did you do with all the millions that you raised for that recount vote that never happened, Jill Stein? You're not fooling anyone “Joan Baez” and you can't hide from the truth!" Permalink
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Nov 08 2016
"A fun look back at a different era in comics -- the 1980s, when the big companies occasionally let new talent loose to prove themselves. Happily, it works here, as the naivete of the title character expresses the spirit of his creators. Nocenti wa..." Permalink
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