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LegendStrike made a comment Nov 21 2019
"i didn't read this book yet so am disrespect by ur spoiler comments but sad that Starflight no able to do normal drago stuff like future telling ahhhh (unless he can now) also is Clay a boy? same question for Starflight. meh brother thinks the're ..." Permalink
LegendStrike added a title to their For later shelf Jul 20 2019
Mighty Apollo is known by all as the god of the sun, but there's more to this Olympian than a bright smile and a shining chariot.
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Jun 26 2019
"The Percy Jackson’s book series is thrilling. Especially the Battle of the Labyrinth. Percy is a Son of Poseidon just came back while Clarissa and Annebeth are working on the Labyrinth. They then found the entrance to the Labyrinth so they had a q..." Permalink
LegendStrike made a comment Jun 26 2019
"After this I am reading The Kane Chronicles because I cant wait to read demigod diaries. R.R is one of my fav authors now!" Permalink
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