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Staring at the Sun

Overcoming the Terror of Death
Mar 27, 2013
- "Death is everything And it is nothing The worms crawl in and the worms crawl out" What a way to start a book! And what an excellent book it was! - and on a topic that most people would not readily want to read about - death. But, as I discovered, the book was certainly more that just about death - it is also about living, friends and about influencing others. I was particularly intrigued with chapter 4 and Epicuris's arguments: 1. The mortality of the soul (the soul is mortal and perishes with the body) 2. The ultimate nothingness of death ("why fear death when we can never perceive it" - because we are dead and have no consciousness) 3. The argument of symmetry ("our state of non-being after death is the same state we were in before our birth), Other interesting notes: - the "remembered"dead and the "truly"dead- country cemeteries (pg. 179) I like Yalom's discussion about religion, meaning and morality which he explains that religion does not hold an exclusive right to the concepts of meaning and morality.