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Mar 26, 2021
CLI-CLI-CLI-CLIIII-...CHE-CHE-CHE-CHEEEE.... or WHAT DID SCI FI ORIGINALS EVER DO TO VINCE VAUGHN? It was garbage, and everyone involved should be ashamed for having been in it. It took the diminishing petrochemical resources to make a disc, package & ship, ALL AFTER the actual film shoot... The Sierra Club considered legal action this is so trash. Greenpeace debated a blockade, PETA feared backlash against defenseless pets because this is so [expletive deleted] useless... Twitter would have blocked it's page if it had one, MySpace looked back warmly when it was known as a hunting ground for serial killers rather than have any association with this; EVEN WITH THE LEAD BEING A SERIAL KILLER. But they had fun, so watch it I guess... at least you'll know what to avoid in the future.