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May 03, 2021walls187 rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
A diet horror flick at best. This movie is fairly average and the star rating is more about Vince Vaughn showing up along with the production quality, sorry other characters. Speaking of other actors... It's a character driven movie using the arguably simpler and less refined slasher horror genre to try and flesh out the heroine and her friends quickly while still having us care. Like I want to buy into this film for doing something more unique with it's final girl take and evolving it, but I'm just not for some reason. Everything transpires very quickly. Character development is perceived to happen over time... so show that over a longer perception of it... give the lead better stakes with that investment. It isn't perceived here to be plausible in my opinion. It's riffing on slasher horror movies, so being way more clever is needed to escape its cultural inertia of picking low hanging fruit and not subverting expectations (and there are exceptions that have accomplished it). It's entertaining, sure, just not exceptional.