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Jun 27, 2016tolanii rated this title 2 out of 5 stars
My friend recommended this book to me. Now I hope nobody hates me for saying this, but this was not a good book. It may have been the love triangle, it may have been how bizarre it was that Rho was already taught everything she need to know by a mother who never shows up in this book- but mainly, it was Rho. I have never had such distaste for a character as I have had with Rho. She's hypocritical, annoying, and she does not change. She's also a complete Mary Sue. Nothing bad really happened to her, and *SPOILER* the outcome of her fight with Iceman was extremely unrealistic, also why did /he/ have to die? It did not really add anything ad he was the only character I could stand because he didn't always bow at Rho's feet... *SPOILER OVER* So I really did not like this book. There was very little character development, the death was predictable, and I despise the main character. HOWEVER, what did get me to award this book 2 stars instead of 1, is the amount of thought that was put into the setting by the author. Her imagery is amazing and I would love to live in a world like Zodiac's. This book had so much potential, but she didn't quite deliver. She is a very clever author though, and I look forward to reading her future books.