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Nov 13, 2010LaurenAHHH rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
This was an excellent book. On one hand it is in large type, short, has illustrations, and is an easy read. On the other, this book was chock full of words I needed a dictionary for! It has an interesting setting for the genre. It is a teal of adventure as it says, bordering on a fantasy novel. However, it is set roughly in the middle ages, but not in the West, in the East. Most of the main characters are Jews and Muslims. The book is also paced differently from a typical fantasy story, and it worked really well. Instead of telling every detail along this journey, the author sometimes omits days and starts the story up again in the midst of an action sequence. All in all the characters were wonderful, my favorite being Amram, the giant African with the mother-defiler battle ax. The writing is also excellent and the story very well paced.