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The Cross of Redemption

Uncollected Writings

Baldwin, James
Book, 2011

818.54 BA

For the Time Being

Dillard, Annie
Book, 1999

814.54 DI

The Golden Age of the American Essay


Book, 2021

814.54 GO

Out on A Limb

Selected Writing, 1989-2021

Sullivan, Andrew
Book, 2021

320.473 SU

Long Life

Essays and Other Writings

Oliver, Mary
Book, 2005

818.54 OL

In Brief

Short Takes on the Personal

Book, 1999

814.5408 IN

I'm Gonna Say It Now

The Writings of Phil Ochs

Ochs, Phil
Book, 2020

782.42164 OC

The Eye You See With

Selected Nonfiction

Stone, Robert
Book, 2020

814.54 ST

Nobody's Looking at You


Malcolm, Janet
Book, 2019

814.54 MA

Ransoming Pagan Babies

The Selected Writings of Warren Hinckle

Hinckle, Warren
Book, 2018

818.54 HI

Voices, Places


Mason, David
Book, 2018

814.54 MA


A Memoir and Personal Essays

Osborn, Carolyn
Book, 2017

814.54 O812O

Why Write?

Collected Nonfiction, 1960-2013

Roth, Philip
Book, 2017

814.54 RO

Love and Ruin

Tales of Obsession, Danger, and Heartbreak From the Atavist Magazine

Book, 2016

818.60808 LO

Collected Essays & Memoirs

Murray, Albert
Book, 2016

814.54 MU

The Uncollected David Rakoff

Rakoff, David
Book, 2015

818.6 RA

Moral Imagination


Bromwich, David
Book, 2014

814.54 BR

Collected Essays and Other Prose

Duncan, Robert
Book, 2014

814.54 DU

H.L. Mencken

Prejudices, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Series

Mencken, H. L.
Book, 2010

814.52 ME

H.L. Mencken

Prejudices, First, Second, and Third Series

Mencken, H. L.
Book, 2010

814.52 ME


Social Essays

Baraka, Amiri
Book, 2009

305.896073 BA

Portraits and Observations

The Essays of Truman Capote

Capote, Truman
Book, 2008

814.54 CA


Selected Essays, 1993-2006

Doctorow, E. L.
Book, 2006

153.35 DO

The Mortgaged Heart

Selected Writings

McCullers, Carson
Book, 2005

818.5209 MC


D'Ambrosio, Charles
Book, 2004

814.54 DA

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