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A universe where the planets are reflected in Zodiac signs, as well as the people, lies a daring story of adventure, justice, and leadership. Sixteen year old Rhoma Grace was just an normal Cancerian girl trying to pass her exam on reading the stars. She foresaw an omen that predicated the ruin of her planet, and no one else did, Rho became worried about the state of the universe. She eventually discovered the entity behind the various attacks that were happening on the other planets and Cancer was Ochus, Guardian of the 13th house. She sets off on a journey with Hysan, a diplomat for Libra, and Mathias, a Lodestar for Cancer, to warn the other planets about the danger that they are all in. At first, none of the Guardians believe her. In fact, hardly anyone believes in Ochus, who is deemed a children's tale. But when the planets Virgo, Cancer, and Gemini, are attacked, finally the Guardians band together to defeat the enemy. But is who they are attacking the right person? Or is it someone else entirely? Read to find out. Seriously. Read it.